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Microphonic will continue to pursue its future as a record company and label as well as various other activities to remain financially stable. However, the company will now focus its activities not only on reggae DJ music, but also on other music recorded in a traditional way. The Microphonic label will now offer music played by musicians and recorded through microphones. Needless to say we will continue to exploit new technology but the music we produce will be of a more traditional nature. Microphonic now means - Synthesis by Microphony


Microphonic Originally
This company was originally formed by Colin Bird and Steve Barrow for the purposes of promoting Reggae DJ Music to the world. The mission was to become the world wide web's 'de-facto' reference centre for reggae DJ information as well as provide an ever expanding catalogue of DJ music for sale in a variety of multi-media formats.
Colin Bird
Audio enthusiast, technical boffin and as company director, oversees the day to day running of Microphonic Limited. Associated with reggae music and reggae sound systems since 1974. Previously employed in the sales and marketing of professional audio products. Regularly found behind the controls of a mixing console sound engineering live gigs and studio recording sessions.
Steve Barrow
Reggae historian, archivist, and co-author of the Rough Guide to Reggae. Steve is the A&R director of one of the UK's leading reggae re-issue labels - Blood & Fire. Steve was a founder member of this company but resigned his directorship and transferred his shareholding at the end of September 2005. 
Microphonic Limited
Registered in England and Wales as a Private Limited Company

Company Number 4731775
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