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Welcome to our Microphonics section

This section of our website is dedicated to providing a comprehensive library of URL's leading you to websites full of information about microphones and microphone manufacturers. We have spent a lot of time scouring the internet to bring you quite possibly the largest collection of microphone URL's to be found anywhere on the web. Let us know if we have missed anything out... i.e. your favourite microphone related website.

Microphone Manufacturers
3 Zigma Audio JZ Microphones
ADK Microphones K&K Sound
Advanced Audio Microphones Karma Audio
AEA Microphones KEL Audio
Aeromic Canada Korby Audio Technologies
AKG Acoustics Lauten Audio
Alctron Electronics Lawson Microphones
Apex Electronics Lucas Engineering
Applied Microphone Technology Marek Design
Australian Monitor Install Series MBHO GmbH
Australian Monitor Pro Series Microtech Gefell GmbH
Aquarian Audio Products Microvox
Audio Technica UK Milab Microphones
Audio Technica Worldwide Mojave Audio
Audix USA Corporation Moon Mics
Avant Electronics MXL Audio
Avenson Audio Mutronics
Avisoft Ultrasound Microphones MWM Acoustics
Azden Corporation Naiant
Beijing 797Audio Chinese Neumann
Beijing 797Audio English Nevaton Europe
Benson Audio Labs Nevaton USA
Beyerdynamic Worldwide Oktava
Blue Microphones Pearl Microphones
Bock Audio Peavey Microphones
BPM Studiotechnik Peluso Microphones
Brauner microphones English Red5 Audio Microphones
Brauner microphones DE Rode Microphones
BTL (Seplo Audio Technology) Royer Labs Microphones
CAD Professional Microphones Samson Technologies Corp.
Cascade Audio Inc. Sanken Microphone
C-ducer Schoeps Microphones
CharterOak Acoustic Devices SE Electronics
Clockaudio Sennheiser UK
Coles Electroacoustics Sennheiser Worldwide
Countryman Shanghai ShuaiYin Electronics
Crowley and Tripp Shiny Box
Crown Microphones Shure
DPA Microphones Silvia Classics
Earthworks Microphones Simpson Microphones
Ehrlund Sonic Studios
Elation Microphones Sonodore Microphones
Electrovoice Sontronics Professional Audio
Equation Audio Sony
Feilo USA.com SoundField
Golden Age Project Soundline
Groove Tubes Soundman
HEAD acoustics Studio Projects
Hebden Sound Symphotec© Microphone Systems
Heil Sound Taylor Hohendahl Eng. T.H.E. Audio
HHB Flashmic Telex Communications, Inc.
Holophone Telefunken USA
Horchaudio TOA Corporation
InnerTube Audio Tram Microphones
Joe Meek - Meekrophones Violet Design
Josephson Engineering Voice Technologies Worldwide
JJ Labs Wunder Audio
Microphone Accessories
Acrylic Designs Inc. Koala Windsocks
AiRR Support König & Meyer
Ambient Recording Reinhardt Windshields
Applied Microphone Technology Rycote
Cinela OSIX and Zephyx Sabra-Som
DPA Accessories Schulze Brakel
Enhanced Audio Stedman
Haly-Tek Index White Manufacturing Company Inc.
Impact PBS WindTech
Wireless Microphones
AKG Wireless Sabine
Audio Limited Samson Wireless
Audio-Technica Wireless Sennheiser Wireless
Azden Corporation Shure Wireless
Beyerdynamic Wireless Smartwireless
BTL (Seplo Audio Technology) Sony Wireless
JTS Wireless Telex
Lectrosonics Trantec 
Micron Wireless Zaxcom Wireless
MIPRO Wireless Zaxcom ENG Wireless
Interesting Microphone Websites
BBC Mics for Radio - online training Microphone Data
Cool Microphones Recording Hacks Mic Database
Coutant Microphone Site Rode Microphone University
Darren Pallens Shure 55's Russian Microphone Museum
DPA Microphone University The Microphone Vault
Dr Steven Schoenherr's Mic History Uni of Salford Microphone Guide
Ekkeharts Vintage Mic Flags UV201
Erik's Classic Microphones Vintage Broadcast Microphones
History of PA - Microphone gallery Vintage Microphones.de
History of PA - Microphones  
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