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Welcome to the Microphonic Reggae DJ Directory

Conventionally the moniker 'DJ' refers to a 'Disc Jockey' i.e. the person who plays musical recordings and introduces them to an audience either live at a venue or over a broadcast medium such as radio.

Reggae sound system terminology for a DJ (DeeJay) has a completely different meaning. Due to the vast size of many reggae sound systems there would be three people to do the full job of a conventional DJ. The 'selector' who chooses which tunes to play. The 'operator' to control the sound. Then the 'DJ' who in this instance is more often than not the MC (master of ceremonies). Also known as a 'toaster', the DJ will jive talk and banter lyrically between records and also over the top of the music during play.

Improvising lyrics adlib while the music is playing has also become an art form itself, in reggae this is commonly known as toasting and generalised as 'DJ music.' Eventually this kind of style was adopted and adapted to suit other forms of music by a much larger music following in America known today as 'Rap music' or 'Rapping'.

The Jamaican DJ's often acted as the 'town cryers' including all manner of topical subjects in their lyrics; politics, world news, styles and fashions of the day. It is all there to listen to, from the righteous rastaman chants right through to the x-rated lyrics of the slackest DJ's.

Introducing to the world, the first website dedicated to the world of Reggae DeeJays. Entry criteria to the DJ directory is simple. That the DJ/MC should have some notoriety as a recording artist as well as live or sound system experience. Contributions and suggestions are always welcome.

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