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Asher Senator

Real Name: Peter St Aubyn
Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Birth: London, England

Asher Senator was born Peter St Aubyn and grew up in Clapham. At the age of 14 he was already grabbing the mic at house parties, eventually blagging spots on the Buchanan soundsystem alongside his lyrical sparring partner Smiley Culture. The pair appeared on sounds such as Black Harmony and Frontline before joining premiership sounds Coxsone Outernational and Saxon Studio International in the early/mid 80s. (Unusually they seem to have maintained a presence on both rather than settling for one sound?) Like many youths of his generation, Asher was initially inspired by yard tapes. As he told the NME: “Them times we used to listen to Brigadier Jerry, Nicodemus, different different artists… but we started making what we call ’style’ by writing rhyming lyrics that went on and on without finishing… continuous style.” more...

Source - Born to Chat - The Asher Senator Story

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