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Spragga Benz

Real Name: Carlton Errington Grant
May 30th, 1969
Place of Birth: Kingston, Jamaica

Among the fast-rising stars of 1993 were Chuckleberry, General Pecus, Bounty Killer and Spragga Benz. His title was inspired by the prevailing trend for a fusion of hip-hop and ragga, and the fact that Spragga frequently appeared with a Mercedes Benz insignia dangling from his gold chain. Early hits included the Sly And Robbie-produced "No Cater" and, with Steely And Clevie, "Girls Hooray". By 1994 he was recording with many of Jamaica's top producers, including Bobby Digital on "The Wuk" and "Sweet Sugar Pie", while King Jammy's son John John produced "Bad Man No Beg No Friend", along with "Born Good Looking". In 1995 his prolific output encompassed the renowned "W", a combination tune with Tamma Hawk, "Flex Insane", as well as "Car Crash", "She Wrong" and "Plan B", which were all dancehall favourites. His reputation grew when, in combination with Bounty Killer and General Degree, "More Gal Book Book" appeared on the UK reggae Top 10. Many reggae performers have set up their own labels and Benz was no exception, releasing "A1 Lover" on his Spragga Speculous imprint. The single featured vocals from Chevelle Franklin, who enjoyed an international hit when she accompanied Shabba Ranks on his Sony remake of "Mr Loverman".

Conceivably induced by reggae's flourishing acceptance, Capitol Records signed Benz, releasing the single that featured on Uncommonly Smooth. The outcome of previous major label reggae releases had often been disappointing, but with this release, Benz was able to maintain artistic control and a fine collection of his work ensued.

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