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Prezident Brown

Real Name: Fitzroy Albert Cotterell
Born: July 26th, 1965
Place of Birth: Colonel Ridge, Clarendon, Jamaica

The towering figure of Fitz (hence the "z" in his title) built a solid foundation in the dancehall performing on local sound systems, before embarking on his recording career in the early 90s as a DJ. His initial sessions were with producers Barry O'Hare and Courtney Cole at the Ocho Rios, based at Grove Recording Studio and Roof International, respectively. As a soloist he recorded "Tears" in combination with Jack Radics and as Professor Frisky he covered Inner Circle's "Everything Is Great", retitled "Everything Is Right". Brown's notoriety led to him being featured on the popular Jamaican festival dancehall nights, which resulted in outstanding performances at the 1995 Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay and an equally acclaimed appearance at Reggae Sunsplash in St. Ann's. With Everton Blender he recorded the anti-drug hit "Blow Your Nose Part Two", advising that it was better to "blow your nose and not your brain". While Brown was establishing his reputation, Red Dragon, alongside Brian And Tony Gold, recorded "Compliments On Your Kiss", produced by Sly And Robbie. Brown's vocal style was similar to that of Red Dragon, resulting in his being employed by One World productions to record in a similar style alongside Sabre; "Wrong Or Right" was greeted with enthusiasm and achieved international daytime radio play.

An association with Anthony Red Rose and Anthony Malvo found Brown guesting on the popular "Swell Headed" rhythm for "Red Alert", which topped the Jamaican charts throughout the summer. He maintained a high profile when he returned to Grove Studios, where he recorded the equally popular "Bun Down Rome" over a reggae version of the jazz hit "Bongo Chant", originally performed by Kenny Graham And The Afro-Cubists. Sessions with Bobby Digital led to the release of "Mr. Want All", "Poor People Cry" and the controversial "Parable". A reunion with producer O'Hare led to the release of Prezident Selection; the compilation including guest vocal contributions from Don Yute, Third World's vocalist Bunny Rugs, veteran DJ U. Brown and the popular lovers rock singer Mikey Spice. Brown's increasing popularity led to his combination hit with Foundation, "Beverley Hills", and he joined the increasing number of artists to sign with Chris Blackwell's newly formed Island Jamaica label.

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