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Real Name: Andrew Bradford
Place of Birth:

In the days of slavery Jamaica was considered to be a pirates haven, and the notorious smuggler Henry Morgan was elevated to the position of Jamaica's Governor General in the then capital, Port Royal. The island's dubious past was acknowledged by the DJ known as Buccaneer whose appearance was complemented with an eye patch and a bizarre hair style featuring a bleach ring. His jocose demeanour was enhanced by his unique style and recording sessions throughout the mid-90s have been copious. With Patrick Roberts, Shocking Vibes crew Buccaneer enjoyed enormous success when he performed, "Hey Yah, Hey Yah" over the rhythm utilised by Beenie Man for his "Press Button". The hits continued with, "Chatty Chatty Mouth", "Yu Nah Beg", "Call Me", "Yu Nuh Care", "Disaster", "Ganja Pipe", "Unity" and "Good Director". With the mellifluous voiced Wayne Wonder he featured on, "Sensi Ride" and "Trust" with the hits "Romeo" and "Easy Street" respectively. In January 1995 Buccaneer's debut album was met with enthusiasm featuring production credits from Patrick Roberts, Dave "Rude Boy" Kelly, Danny Browne and Bobby Digital. At the Reggae Sunfest '95 Festival, held in the grounds of Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, Buccaneer demonstrated his appeal when he won approval with an exuberant performance on dancehall night.

In the summer of 1996 he released, "Skettel Concerto" a unique combination of light opera and ragga. "You love sket-tel / You love sket-tel / You love sket-tel" emulating "The Marriage Of Figaro". Also included on the discomix were the popular, "Punky Brewster" and "Vintage Old Bruk". By the end of that summer he consolidated his popularity evoking the memory of Dirtsman with "Hotter This Year".

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