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Image source Miami Carifest '04

Real Name: Clifton George Bailey III
April 13th, 1967
Place of Birth: Islington, St. Mary, Jamaica
Official website:

Bailey earned his future stage name by virtue of his sharp reasoning skills, which led his friends to name him after a lawyer in his home town. By 1994, Capleton's work for the African Star label had led to him being regarded as one of the most innovative cultural DJs of his generation. "Number One (On The Good Look Chart)" on Jah Life first caught the attention of the dancehall audience in 1990 and was Capleton's debut hit. Capleton Gold was released in 1991 and compiled many of his recordings for various producers, including Philip "Fatis" Burrell ("Bumbo Red"/"Bible Fi Dem"), King Jammy ("The Red"), Roof International ("Dem No Like Me"), Peterkins ("We No Lotion Man") and Black Scorpio ("Ghetto Youth"/"Somebody"). In the same year he sang on half an album for Gussie P ("Double Trouble"), combined with Johnny Osbourne on "Special Guest" on Outernational, released several tracks for African Star and duetted on "Young, Fresh And Green" with Bobby Zarro. He visited the UK with Pan Head in December amid controversy over a shooting at a London venue. He also recorded "Dance Can't Done" for the Brixton-based label, Jungle Rock.

On his return to Jamaica, Capleton began recording for Burrell's Exterminator label. "Almshouse" (1992) was a rallying cry for unification through music and demonstrated that Capleton could address social and cultural topics with the same perceptiveness as his characteristic "slackness". In a successful year, he released an album for Burrell and had hits with "F.C.T.", "Matey A Dead", "Make Hay" and "Unno Hear". In 1993, he maintained his profile with the singles "Everybody Needs Somebody", "Mankind" for Colin Fat, "Good Love", "Stampede" for Mad House, "Cold Blooded Murderer" for Black Scorpio and the rabid "Buggering" for African Star. He also recorded combinations with Brian And Tony Gold and Nadine Sutherland, and worked with Gussie Clarke. In the USA, a hip-hop mix of the smash hit "Tour" prompted Def Jam Records to sign him for the remarkable Prophecy. The forthright I-Testament saw Capleton at the peak of his powers.

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