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Real Name: Lester Bullock
D.O.B: June 25th, 1953
Place of Birth: Kingston, Jamaica

Dillinger commenced his career as a DJ, working on the sound systems of Prince Jackie and El Brasso, where he initially imitated U-Roy, Dennis Alcapone and Big Youth, before forging his own style. In 1974, he recorded the excellent "Freshly" for Yabby You, and the following year had a glut of material released, including "Brace A Boy" for Augustus Pablo, "CB 200" for Joseph "Joe Joe" Hookim and "Killer Man Jaro" for Coxsone Dodd. It was Dodd who released Dillinger's stunning first album, Ready Natty Dreadie, on which he effortlessly delivered 10 strong toasts over a selection of Studio One's classic rocksteady and reggae rhythms. It is only the first pressing of the album that contains the brilliant title track, as it was subsequently replaced by "Natty Kung Fu". Hookim released Dillinger's second album, CB 200, which features several singles including the title track, "Plantation Heights", "Cocaine In My Brain" and "Crank Face". In late 1976, he made an album (Clash) in the UK with Trinity for producer Clement Bushay, which suffered from hurried recording sessions. Hookim released a further album, Bionic Dread, which was far less compelling than its predecessor.

"Cocaine In My Brain" had proven to be so popular in Europe and the USA that he recorded a follow-up, "Marijuana In My Brain' (1979), which became a number 1 hit in Holland, and an album of the same name quickly followed. Unfortunately, most of his material from this time did not match his earlier work, although he was still brave enough to attempt one of the first reggae electro recordings with 1980"s Badder Than Them. He was inactive for most of the 80s, but in 1990, he returned to the recording scene.

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