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Elephant Man

Real Name: O'Neil Bryan
Born: September 11th, 1975
Place of Birth: Seaview Gardens, Jamaica

One of the more colourful characters on the "glam" dancehall scene, Bryan was originally known as "Dumbo the Elephant" as it was perceived that he had larger than average ears similar to the Walt Disney cartoon character. He was given the nickname by his soccer playing colleague Crack Skull who in 1991, through his music industry connections, arranged Bryan's studio debut. Elephant Man was still at school when he first ventured into the Seaview-based studio and practised beating out rhythms and rhymes among his school friends. He went on to became a member of Scare Dem Crew but following their demise, he demonstrated his individuality and pursued a solo career. He was celebrated for his trademark yellow-orange hair, his outlandish jewellery and his numerous catch-phrases. On stage he is a whirlwind of activity, launching himself high into the air, climbing monitors and running from side to side, claiming that he is attempting to express himself to his people. In 1998, he performed at the dancehall night of the annual Reggae Sumfest festival and the media went into overdrive describing his antics as he climbed onto the television crane and performed high above the audience.

Elephant Man's early solo efforts included duets with Mr. Vegas on "Jump Jump", "What's Up", "Ain't No Way" and the avant garde dancehall favourite, "Dainty".
By 2000, Elephant Man had released a series of solo hits including the favoured, "Watchi Pum", "Replacement Killer", "You Slacker You", and "Pum Pum". He was also reunited with Scare Dem Crew's Harry Toddler for the hit, "War War War". In 2001 the DJ recorded "Bombing" following the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, that occured on his twenty-sixth birthday. In December 2003, he made his major label debut with the VP Records/Atlantic Records release Good 2 Go, which featured the US R&B hit "Pon De River, Pon De Bank".

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