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Macka B

Real Name: Christopher MacFarlane
Place of Birth: Wolverhampton, UK

Macka B is one of the most productive, distinctive and talented of MCs to emerge in Britain in the 80s. He first rose to local fame chatting for the Birmingham-based Wassifa hi-fi, with a melodic but gruff voice that perhaps most closely resembled that of Prince Far I, although Macka B was of the new breed and capable of a pace of delivery that made his predecessors look lazy by comparison. His large physique, stunning, topical lyrics and dreadlocked features made him an imposing presence on the mic, and after one local release his fame quickly spread to London, occasioning the release of a well-received single, "Bible Reader", for Fashion Records in 1985. Perhaps recognizing that Macka B's future did not lie in the dancehall MC trade, Fashion suggested that Macka B try his luck at Ariwa Sounds, their south London rivals. With the help of fellow Wolverhamptonite Macka Dub, Ariwa producer Mad Professor unleashed a monster with Macka B's debut LP, Sign Of The Times, which remains a classic to this day. Mixing comic material with roots anthems such as "Invasion", drenched in tight horns and heavy dub mixing, the album was a huge hit within the reggae community.

Macka B appeared on ITV's Club Mix and was something of a celebrity, but he shunned the limelight, preferring instead to work in the roots market, issuing a series of strong albums over the next five years, among them We've Had Enough, Natural Suntan and Peace Cup. He retains his credibility and goodwill, and has even made the occasional trip to Jamaica to record with producer Black Scorpio on a few tracks, as well as cutting "DJ Unity" at Penthouse Studio, Kingston, with Jamaican counterpart Tony Rebel.

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