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Real Name: Tyrone Thompson
Born: July 1st, 1966
Place of Birth: Kingston, Jamaica
Official Website:

Papa San spent most of his early years in Spanish Town, and began his career with the Small Axe and Creation sound systems. He is one of the most creative DJs in the world and probably the fastest. "Animal Party" on Black Solidarity and "Talking Parrot" for Rosie's Uprising were two of his earliest releases, and were characterized by imaginative lyrics and a quick-fire delivery partly inspired by UK MCs on the Saxon sound system. He recorded cultural material and many accounts of ghetto life and descriptions of local characters during the next two years for Isiah Laing's Supreme label, Bunny Lee, Prince Jazzbo, Harmodio, King Jammy and King Tubby, among others. "DJ Business" was an eight-minute tour de force telling the history of reggae DJs that was recorded for Fashion Records in London, after a brief but successful period in New York with the African Love and Papa Mike sets. It was supposedly recorded in one take and is still a demonstration of his unique ability. Fashion later paired him with Tippa Irie for their JA To UK MC Clash (Volume 2) . He spent the next two years recording in Jamaica.

He was reunited with his former Creation partner Lady G for "Round Table Talk", but more success did not come again until 1990 when he recorded with Black Scorpio, Captain Sinbad, Penthouse Records, Digital B and King Jammy's son, John John. He produced his own "Strange" and the bizarre "Maddy Maddy Cry". He also released "Hippity Hippity Hop" on Robbie Shakespeare's Powermatic label, and some strong material for the Exterminator, Tan Yah, Shocking Vibes, Wild Apache and Lloyd Honeyghan labels. In 1983, he began a productive period with Sly And Robbie's Taxi label in 1993. In the same year his older brother, Dirtsman, also a DJ, was shot dead in Jamaica.

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