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Real Name: Norman Jackson
Born: June 6th, 1960
Place of Birth: Kingston, Jamaica

Tiger is one of the most entertaining of all Jamaican DJs, his voice a crazy growl one moment and something completely different the next. He recorded his singing debut, "Why Can't You Leave Dreadlocks Alone", in 1978, under the name of Ranking Tiger, following with "Knock Three Times" and "Love Line" in 1981. Changing to a DJ style, he established his reputation on the Black Star sound system, before releasing "Bad Boy Stylee" and "Mi Lover Mi Lover", all the time working out his own material on a tiny electronic keyboard. "No Wanga Gut" and "No Puppy Love" were his first real hits in 1985 and two years later Mango issued Tiger's self-produced debut album. By that time he was a true DJ sensation and embarked upon a remarkable series of songs for producers such as Harry J. ("Sitting In La La"), Kangal, Kings Crown, Ayeola ("Iron Dumpling") and his own Tiger label. He reappeared the following year with a trio of releases for the Paradise label, of which "Rap Pon Riddim" was his strangest to date. In 1989 he returned to the top with strong tunes for King Jammy, Gussie Clarke, Robert Livingston, Taxi, Steely And Clevie ("Ram Dancehall"), Blacka Dread and Penthouse, recording a duet with US rappers the Fat Boys in 1990 and becoming one of the first ragga DJs to make an impression on the hip-hop scene.

His best year to date was 1992: "When" for Steely And Clevie proved a significant crossover record and helped usher in the new bogle style; Penthouse released the belated Deadly album and hits for them ("Crying Fool"), Wild Apache, Exterminator, Shocking Vibes ("Yuh Dead Now") and Tiger's own Hide & Seek label followed. "Beep Beep Move Over" was voiced in response to the mimicking Zebra. By 1993 Tiger's Chaos production company was signed to Columbia Records, who released Claws Of The Cat that year. In December 1993 Tiger was seriously injured in a Kingston motorcycle accident, but managed to make a brave recovery.

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