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Real Name: Wade Everal Brammer
Place of Birth: Kingston, Jamaica

After working as a DJ on several local sound systems, Trinity made his recording debut in March 1976 with "Set Up Yourself" for Joseph "Joe Joe" Hookim. Shortly after this, he recorded "Words Of The Prophet" for Yabby You, who also released his fine debut album, Shanty Town Determination. Heavily influenced by Big Youth, he developed a strong and entertaining style of his own. In late 1976 he joined his neighbourhood friend and fellow DJ Dillinger for an excellent single for Hookim, "Crank Face", and a rather hurriedly recorded album, Clash, for UK producer Clement Bushay. In 1977 he had more than 20 singles released, including "Pumps And Pride" for Winston Riley, "Smoking Rock" for Tommy Cowan, "John Saw Them Coming" for Joe Gibbs and "Peace Conference In A Western Kingston" for Yabby You. His biggest hit that year was the irresistible "Three Piece Suit" for Joe Gibbs, highlighting his excellent delivery, witty lyrics and sheer enthusiasm, and an outstanding album of the same name quickly followed. An answer record to this, Althea And Donna's "Up Town Top Ranking" (1977), became an even bigger hit, eventually topping the UK pop charts. Trinity recorded his response, "Slim Thing" (1978), but it was a disappointing reply.

In 1977 he had another strong album with Uptown Girl, produced by Bunny Lee, and the following year he shared an album with Ranking Trevor (Three Piece Chicken And Chips), and appeared on the Mighty Diamonds' Showcase. Subsequent recordings met with less success, and in the 80s, he commenced a new career as a singer under the name Junior Brammer, with two albums being issued, Telephone Line and Hold Your Corner.

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